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Government workers pose as homeowners in Alberta as police charge unlicensed contractors

Police have charged 7 contractors in Calgary and Edmonton after undercover sting operations

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December 4, 2013 by Steve Payne

Now we have government workers going undercover as homeowners to try to trap more under-the-table contractors.

At least, in Alberta we do. Global News reported yesterday that 7 contractors in Calgary and Edmonton have been charged under that province’s consumer protection laws.

Global reports that Service Alberta agents “posed as homeowners and asked 24 contractors to come to their homes to negotiate home improvements.”

Police charged the 7 contractors for a variety of offences, including operating without a prepaid contractor license.

Well, at least 17 of the contractors (70 per cent) seem to have been above-the-law.


Steve Payne

Steve Payne

Steve Payne is the editor of Canadian Contractor magazine
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1 Comment » for Government workers pose as homeowners in Alberta as police charge unlicensed contractors
  1. Robert Sloan says:

    Love this story! Of course Alberta is very conservative and their politicians actually get it. I suspect that in Ontario some might call it entrapment. The underground economy hurts us all.. Entrapment or not, we all benefit from putting the underground economy where it belongs…underground! So even if the headlines later don’t result in convictions in court, I for one would love this here in Ontario.
    Here is more good news…Yesterday an electrical contractor in Ontario was fined $25,000 for not being a Licensed Electrical Contractor. It is too bad a young man had to be badly injured for this to happen.