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A four letter word for success

Industry expert Beverly A. Koehn makes us uncomfortable with the four letter word we'd rather not use when talking about customer service.

April 26, 2012
By Robert Koci
Robert Koci

You know you are in a service industry. You know that customer satisfaction is key to referrals, which you also know is the most important marketing tool you have. But did you know that loving your customer is the key to ensuring  those referrals?

If you thought about it for five seconds the answer is yes, but you also know that using the word, “love,” is uncomfortable in reference to your business.

Beverly Koehn, author of “Loyalty is Love. How to hold clients close for life,” has worked in the home building and renovation business for years and she knows it, too. But she just happens to have the guts to admit it and write a book about it.

That doesn’t make it any more comfortable, but reading her book might, and that’s not a bad thing.