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Alberta contractors report most sales increases in country, Atlantic Canada places second

Ontario and B.C. have the least optimistic contractors - when asked about sales increases in their region - in Canada.

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April 2, 2014 by Steve Payne




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Canadian Contractor‘s 6th Annual Salary Survey, sponsored by OutRank by Rogers, is on the press.  If you are a subscriber, it’ll be in your mail box (while we still HAVE mail boxes) in about 3 weeks.

Here’s a sneak preview of some of the 14 questions about income, profits, margins, etc. that we cover in this issue.

71% of Alberta contractors responding reported an increase in sales over the past year – making Alberta (not surprisingly) the most “optimistic” region in our Canadian readership. But not everyone in Western Canada is wearing rose-coloured glasses. Only 51% of B.C. contractors reported increasing sales. Ontario was next lowest at 53%.

The question was:

Have your sales increased in the past year? The % of contractors reporting YES are shown below…

Alberta                                      71%

Atlantic                                     64%

Quebec                                     60%

Manitoba/Saskatchewan            59%

Ontario                                     53%

British Columbia                        51%


Steve Payne

Steve Payne

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1 Comment » for Alberta contractors report most sales increases in country, Atlantic Canada places second
  1. Albert Dudley says:

    This is a comment to ‘Alberta contractors report most sales increases…’ Please separate Manitoba and Saskatchewan, they are not on the same playing field economically. In the past six or seven years Saskatchewan has been in the top two positions as far as jobs created, low unemployment, salary increase etc! I previously
    was employed by a charity who used volunteers exclusively to build, however with the boom volunteers are busy working not volunteering. We are drawing new people from all the provinces and those who left for oil patch jobs are returning here to retire or continue their careers here. Please research your statistics and separate these two provinces! I started my business this past year and there is plenty of work to go ’round. Those who naysay are those who don’t want to work, the same as always.