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Another casting call for contractors looking to do their stuff on TV

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This TV production company says it is looking for "reputable, talented and experienced contractor with a big personality" to star on HGTV.

OK, we’ve got another one of those “Be the next Mike Holmes”-type casting calls. This company, Antica Productions, says they are looking for contractors to appear on HGTV. They don’t claim they’ll make you the next Mike Holmes, though. As a wise man once said, “Be yourself, son. All the other roles are taken.”

So here’s what they sent us.

Award-winning Canadian television production company is looking for a contractor who has what it takes to be a TV star. We’re looking for a reputable, talented, and experienced contractor with a big personality! You’re passionate about what you do and you’re keen to communicate this passion to a national audience. No television experience necessary and you can be located anywhere in Canada.

If you’re interested or want more information, please contact



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  1. I love my job , plumber gas fitter . No filter and no excuses .would love to attempt this . I own this company and have a Napoleon furnace dealership in Burnaby

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