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Banff, AB project to build infill housing from shipping containers breaks ground

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The housing, to be assembled by Ladacor Modular Systems, will be living quarters for staff of Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts

Press release from Ladacor Modular Systems

BANFF, AB, Nov. 14, 2017 /CNW/ – With golden shovels in hand, Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts (CRMR) and Ladacor Modular systems gathered at CRMR’s project site on Banff Avenue today to launch construction of an exciting new staff housing project, which will see the replacement of old staff accommodation on the site with a beautiful new infill-addition to the property made from upcycled shipping containers.

This innovative project named Bufffalo Paddock, will use upcycled shipping-containers as part of a modular building technology. Calgary-based Ladacor Advanced Modular Systems will fabricate the containers to factory-finished modules, which will be transported to the site and then craned into place. Building this way as reduces the environmental footprint by limiting the disruption to the town and the beautiful park setting.

“Using this modular-building approach offers numerous benefits over conventional wood construction,” explains Larkin O’Connor, Development Manager of CRMR. “There is a faster schedule, off-site construction means less disruption to the town and surrounding neighbours, the steel building is non-combustible, which is far safer in a forested area, and lastly the modular construction gives a far better sound insulation between the suites, making them much quieter for the residents living in the units.”

“Banff’s continued economic prosperity relies on a high quality of life for all the employees who provide the services, says Karen Sorenson, Mayor, Town of Banff. “The community housing strategy calls for a range of housing types, affordable and comfortable, so that everyone in our diverse workforce can find a place to call home. This innovative solution to housing CRMR employees is a big step towards achieving that vision, while thoughtfully updating Banff’s housing supply. We thank Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts for reinvesting in the community and look forward to move-in day for your staff.”

The development includes two three-storey apartment buildings that blend into the environment, with extensive sustainable design features. The project features an attractive gable roof, an expression of timber and stone details, attractive landscaped central courtyard and front setback area, as well as extensive community amenity space.

“Though the building is constructed using modular components it adheres to the Town of Banff’s Design Guidelines,” notes Jamie Clark, Principal, Systemic Architecture. “These guidelines require a high degree of timber frame detailing and other elements that create a mountain architecture aesthetic.”
“We are giving the shipping containers a higher-purpose, as part of a high-quality steel structure, that is both cost-effective due to its fast-tracked schedule and offers the design flexibility to blend comfortably in to the Banff community,” says Darrell Nimchuk, President of Ladacor.

“Providing units for our staff, that are safe and modern will assist in recruiting and retaining staff,” adds Cathy Kerr, Director of Human Resources. “Vacancy in the Banff area is extremely low, so we are excited to be able to provide our staff – new and long-term – a contemporary place to stay while working at Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff.”

Even though the ground has just been broken on site in Banff, work is currently already underway in Calgary with construction of the units beginning this week. The project has a building-permit in place and occupancy scheduled for Spring 2018.


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