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Basement renovation and sustainability

DMX's 1-Step product helps bring sustainable building practices to basement renovations

August 5, 2015
By DMX Plastics Ltd.

1Step Basement ApplicationEco-sensitivity and construction are now industries which have become intertwined, especially with growing social concern about the environment. Being known as a green contractor is an increasingly beneficial factor when it comes to securing future bids. Basement renovation is one of the more important areas as it pertains to domestic sustainability; a properly insulated basement will result in lower energy bills and less consumption in turn.

From a business standpoint, each company has a certain legal responsibility to reduce their impact on the surrounding environment. However, by educating clientele on efforts to reducing environmental impact, your company will actively adapt an eco-friendly perspective. By using products which are durable and effective at reducing overall consumption, professionals can stand out from the rest of the crowd.

1-Step is a sustainable product which would make an ideal addition to any green home. Although slightly more material intensive than that of a generic foam underlay, 1-Step is designed to be a long-lasting product which will not need to be disposed of after relative short use. In certain applications, an OSB subfloor is not required which cuts down on extra material as well.

The moisture resistant properties of this product are such that mold and mildew will not accumulate, thus avoiding a situation where both the flooring and subfloor would have to be ripped up for remediation. With a 50-year warranty, DMX Plastics stands behind the long-lasting properties of 1-Step with absolute confidence.


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