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Bill 119 will help WSIB boss towards $400,000 bonus

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While contractors struggle to find a way to make their mandatory WSIB payments, I. David Marshall, the WSIB's president and CEO, hopes to get his hands on a $400,000 bonus for, in part, collecting more WSIB fees

Ontario’s Bill 119, which reaches deep into the pockets of contractors who must now pay mandatory WSIB, will almost certainly line the pockets of the WSIB’s bureaucrat-in-chief, I. David Marshall, president and CEO of the heavily-criticized organization. He’s expecting that the controversial legislation will help him to make an almost half-million-dollar bonus.

Marshall was already collecting $400,000 a year, not including benefits, on a five year contract, before the bill came into effect in January.

Now, as detailed on the WSIB’s own website (click here), Marshall stands to collect a bonus of $400,000 (20% per year of his term) at the end of his five-year contract in December of next year.  The bonus will be paid, the WSIB says, if Marshall has successfully implemented a plan to “reduce, and ultimately retire the WSIB’s unfunded liability, as well as improvements in administrative efficiency and service delivery.”

If he gets that bonus, Marshall will have made $2.4-million for five years of work. The “unfunded liability” for which contractors are being asked to pick up the slack? $14.2-billion, and possibly much higher.


Marshall’s bonus is not exactly breaking news. It was made public a year ago by a group called the Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups, who wrote an open letter to then-Premier Dalton McGuinty. They were protesting the Marshall administration’s cuts to WSIB benefits to their members.

They quoted from Marshall, addressing the Standing Committee of Public Accounts, a year earlier, on Feb. 24, 2010.  (Hansard, page 490):

Mr. David Marshall: “My commitment is to develop a plan … that brings us to a fully funded position within a reasonable amount of time … That plan will have measurable benchmarks. It will say that we have to hit this rate of return, that we have to reduce duration by this amount by this date … However, it’s going to have some tough, tough proposals in it. I mean, you can’t recover this amount of money without some sort of pain some-where in the system … We are taking it very seriously. It’s in my letter. I don’t get any bonus unless I can meet this target. It’s a very clear target, and we’re going to get there. I’m confident that we will…”

The mandatory WSIB legislation, Bill 119, will help Marshall to move that much closer to an almost half-a-million dollar handout, paid for by contractors.






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9 Comments » for Bill 119 will help WSIB boss towards $400,000 bonus
  1. david says:

    Why should a public servant being given a 20% bonus? Do we get a bonus for filing our WSIB, liabilities, or Taxes on time and efficiently? He is merely doing his job and by being bonused out with money shadily strong armed from the blue colour constituency is unreasonable.

  2. Andrew says:

    Ontario has the lowest level of employer coverage in Canada. 1 in 3 workers in Ontario have no Workers’ Compensation coverage at all. This is in contrast to the other provinces where they have 95 to 100% coverage. What this means is that in case of a work-related injury 1 in 3 workers do not get workers’ compensation and for many of these they have to rely on social assistance. This means that for 1 in 3 workers their employer has shifted the cost of of injury (and their unsafe work practices) to the taxpayer.

    Why should home renovators be allowed to injure their workers and push the cost of injury to the taxpayer. They shouldn’t; it is dangerous work and when those workers get injured on the job, they should not have to rely on the taxpayer to pay for their disability benefits.

    I don’t think Marshall should get his bonus either; he is getting it on the back of injured workers.

    However regardless of the status of his bonus, all employers in Ontario should face mandatory coverage and all workers should get workers’ compensation benefits for their work-related injuries.

  3. From the Network of Trade Professions Ontario LinkedIn Group
    Bob M. comments

    “is there any wonder we have the federal/provincial/municipal debts we have? who the hell negotiates these employment contracts? there is no touch with the real world once you get into the public through it seems. we should list ALL of these ridiculous fact just BEFORE elections….the public has selective memory” Bob M.

  4. From the Contractor Discussion Group. For Plumbers, Electricians, Remodelers, Roofers, HVAC, & Handyman LinkedIn Group

    Ross S. comments:

    “Sad that they offer such high bonus for doing the job he was hired for.
    Again – the little guy gets the sharp end of the stick while the executives are handsomely paid, yet make little to no difference in the improvement/efficiency of their operation that impacts so many. In my mind WSIB needs major overhaul and to get out of the insurance biz”

  5. From the Network of Trade Professions Ontario LinkedIn Group

    Terry A. comments:

    “I think if the PC Party were to add this to their list of reforms they would get in the next Provincial election. I am so tired of hearing about this waste of our money!”

  6. From the Outdoor Woodworking Experts LinkedIn Group

    Matt D. comments:

    “Seems to me that 400 grand could go to help out a lot of small businesses with much greater return then lining some CEO pockets”

  7. Larry says:

    He should be fined $400,000 for being an idiot and putting the hard working small business owners at a disadvantage. . If he thinks this is going to help fund the WSIB he has his head in the clouds. What I see is another gun registry fiasco where billions are going to be spent trying to police this thing.

    Companies can’t afford to pay for this tax grab and he walks away with a bonus. Just my business alone has dropped over 50% of its workforce because of this. Our government needs to stop paying these cash sucking idiots money they don’t deserve.

  8. john says:

    I’m just working alone now for homeowners. This is bullshit!! Anybody who wants to work with me can go make 25% of their wage with Ontario works and I’ll smile and wave as I drive by them.. Good luck to the rest of the contractors in Canada., I’m not supporting this greedy crap, unfair play with other competitive insurance companies. Risk loosing everything I’ve spent years working for.. And I wouldn’t advise other new competitors to take a chance opening up either.. Think about it. 23% of what you earn is gone with hst 13% plus around another 10% on top for wsib.. if you mess up or if your worker claims injury before you know about it. Serious fines.. cash jobs from people out of work now will beat you out anyways.

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