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Builders Hardware Manufacturers launch updated Certified Products Directory

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The Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) has launched a new online Certified Products Directory (CPD) featuring enhanced speed and search-ability, improved interface and security, and greater depth of information. BHMA created this directory, originally established in 1998, as a resource to help architects and specifiers select certified builders hardware products for their building projects. Its first online version was launched in 2013.

“This complete revision from the current directory to one that has numerous enhanced technological features has been a major initiative for our organization,” said Ralph Vasami, Executive Director of BHMA. “As the ANSI standards development organization for builders hardware in North America, BHMA represents more than 80 percent of the industry’s manufacturers. Thousands of certified hardware products are included in our BHMA CPD database—and it is growing every year.”

Technological advancements included in the new BHMA CPD are as follows:

  • Enhanced Speed and Productivity: A higher collaboration speed allows for reduced time working between the manufacturer, testing labs, and BHMA.
  • A Detailed, Accurate, Consistent, and Searchable Database: Ideal for creating quick queries, data is easily retrievable for analysis.
  • Improved Security:  Data access security is up-to-date, including security functions related to permission-only levels for different tiers of the user base.
  • Data Management: Data management is simplified, and additional checks and balances provide improved accuracy.

“With the 40-plus builders hardware standards that we maintain and update on a regular basis, full population of the new CPD is expected to take several months,” noted Vasami. “So, for a limited time, both the new searchable BHMA CPD and the outgoing PDF-based CPD will be available to all users.”

The directory is directly available on the BHMA site at


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