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Building trust through online reviews

In this HomeStars' sponsored video, Steve and Rob go over 6 contractor tips for handling online reviews

January 12, 2018
By canadiancontractor

Building Trust Through Online Reviews

  1. Have a PLACE for online reviews to collect. (Tip: HomeStars is a great place!)
  2. Encourage your customers to post reviews
  3. Have PHOTOS!
  4. Do your best work every single time
  5. If you get a negative review, don’t panic but DO make sure you do two things… ONE: Respond to the complaint online as soon as possible (“We are sorry to hear you have some complaints with… We will contact you immediately to seek a resolution…” etc.). TWO: After you have “made it right,” encourage the customer to update their review indicating that they were now fully satisfied with your work.
  6. Review the homeowner/client!