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Built Green Canada reaches milestone in certified homes

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The energy rating agency says they have certified 33,830 single family projects by the end of 2017

Press Release from Built Green Canada

EDMONTON, Alberta, March 08, 2018  — As 2017 wrapped up and Built Green moved forward with year-end closing procedures, the organization surpassed a milestone of 30,000 single family projects being certified and including the units in high density projects, the total was over 33,830. Though the organization has three programs—single family, renovations, and high density—a focus on single family projects is warranted given this remains Built Green’s flagship program and is where Built Green started. With this milestone, the cumulative impact of these single family certified homes translates into more than half a million (505,917.52) tonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions saved*.

(* Note: These GHG calculations based on the difference in energy performance between an average BUILT GREEN home and an average industry home of that same year, based on Natural Resource Canada’s HOT2000 software under the assumption of a 1,700 square foot house.)

Built Green’s programs take a holistic approach to sustainable building and include energy efficiency through Natural Resources Canada’s EnerGuide Rating System, the preservation of natural resources, pollution reduction, ventilation and air quality, and improvements to home durability. Though the impact of these programs encompasses more than energy efficiency, the GHG emissions is a metric that can be quantified.


“Given this milestone, we want to turn our attention to those builders who were with us from the beginning and have remained active. These builders, and the many others that have come since, represent the best of what Canada’s residential building industry is—people that embrace change and progress,” says chief executive officer Jenifer Christenson. “To us, they’re mavericks: those who are forward-thinking and were the earliest adopters of sustainable building, going back 15 years: ahead of market demand, ahead of regulation, driving innovation and an industry forward.”

It started with Jay Westman, a visionary who brought Built Green to Canada, where a group of key stakeholders adapted the program for the Canadian climate. Today, Jayman BUILT remains firmly committed to sustainable building as they continue to innovate.

“Looking back, we recognized there was a sea of change coming in the building industry’s growing size and sophistication,” says Jay Westman, chairman and CEO, Jayman BUILT. “By driving sustainable building forward through Built Green’s programs, we have contributed to changing an entire industry, which started with leadership as a company.”

Soon after, other builders joined Built Green, pushing for advanced building technologies. These include: Agius Builders Ltd., Città Group, Encore Master Builder Inc., Excel Homes, Genco Construction Ltd., Homes by Us Ltd., Landmark Homes, Limona Construction Ltd., Monarch Homes Inc., Pheasant Hill Homes Ltd., RDC Fine Homes, Sterling Homes Ltd., Verity Construction Ltd., and the Canadian Home Builders’ Association Calgary Region (now BILD Calgary Region), who opened up their office to help incubate Built Green at no cost. Over the years, the number of builders participating has continued to grow as the demand for sustainable builds increases, driven by homebuyers, industry members, and all orders of government.

Looking ahead, 2018 marks Built Green Canada’s 15th year in operation. To commemorate this and shine a light on those building more sustainably in the residential building sector, Built Green will be launching an online awards program in the coming months. The awards will complement existing award programs and will focus on advanced building technologies and innovations that are contributing to the home building industry.

Built Green Canada is an industry-driven, national non-profit organization committed to working with builders interested in responsible sustainability practices in the residential building sector. Since its inception, Built Green has worked with builders to certify their homes in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and in Ontario where the programs are referred to as “Green Seal.”




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