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Calgary renovation contractor to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum payments

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Blair Foisy, Trademark Renovations, says his decision to accept the Ether and Bitcoin cryptocurrencies is a first in our industry

Press Release received just now.

CALGARY, Feb. 23, 2018 /CNW/ – Trademark Renovations is a multi award winning Calgary luxury renovations contractor providing upscale full home renovations, room-specific renovations such as kitchen, basement developments, and home additions as well as custom home builds. Trademark announced today that they will be the first general contractor in Calgary and Canada to offer consumers an alternative way to pay for their services using cryptocurrency. As of March 1, 2018, Trademark Renovations will accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as a method of payment for both renovation and custom build projects.

Mr. Blair Foisy, the owner of Trademark Renovations, commented, “I am excited to bring Bitcoin and Ethereum as new payment options to our customers. We believe that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will become an important part of everyday transactions for consumers and are happy to be able to offer this new payment alternative for our services to the Calgary public.”

Trademark has always been on the leading edge of innovation in the construction industry and now they are the first renovation and custom build contractor to embrace the growing popularity of blockchain technology. Companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, IBM, Expedia, Kodak, Dell, Tesla and even some banks and governments have already implemented this new technology trend.


“The decision to start accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum is also indicative that they and other established cryptocurrencies have now developed into more broadly accepted forms of settlement,” said Blair Foisy, in a statement.

Trademark believes that because Bitcoin and Ethereum are not directly tied to any fiat currency, it will help level the playing field. Once cryptocurrencies are adopted by the mainstream, the pricing for building materials and logistics will not be subject to the current fluctuations of fiat currency exchange as they are with USD to CAD for example. Peer to peer transactions will eliminate many middlemen and related mark ups, thus greatly impacting the price of goods and materials. Within each relative business ecosystem, early adopter manufacturers and suppliers will gain market share by becoming more competitive. The trend of decentralizing currency and the efficiencies and security of Blockchain technology will better facilitate industry and trade between countries, and in turn provide benefits to consumers.

“Cryptocurrencies are relatively new to some, but we at Trademark Renovations encourage the support of new technologies. I believe that the Blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution will positively effect all people and every industry including ours – and this is what we are doing right here in Calgary,” said Blair Foisy.



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  1. Tim Harney says:

    I’ve been accepting Bitcoin since last year…..

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