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Calvin Gordon is back on the tools and scheduled to return to court

Contractor with several prior convictions now operates north of Toronto

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October 1, 2018 by John Bleasby

This recent photo of Calvin Gordon was provided by a past customer

As reported in Canadian Contractor in October 2015, Calvin Gordon, operating as Home-Tek Exteriors, was convicted under Ontario’s Consumer Protection Act (Court docket 4560-999-14-3061-01). A provincial court in the Niagara region found that Calvin Gordon along with a co-accused had, “entered into consumer agreements with 11 consumers for home exterior renovations,” according to a Consumer Protection Ontario (CPO) media release issued at the time. “Each consumer provided a monetary deposit. In some cases, only the materials were provided. In other cases, the consumers received nothing in return for their deposits. In every instance, the work was not completed and refunds were not provided.”

Gordon was placed on probation for two years, and ordered to pay a total of $11,200 in client restitution. During this probation period, he was, “prohibited from owning, operating or acting as an officer or director in any company that provides home renovation services or other home residential products and services,” according to Consumer Protection Ontario. “He was ordered to have no association or communication with his co-accused, the consumers, or their families.” At that point, Gordon seemed to fall off the map.

Prior criminal convictions, fines and jail time
This was not Gordon’s first run-in with the law, however. On November 14, 2014, he was convicted in St. Catharines, Ontario under 355 (section b) of the Criminal Code for Possession under $5,000, and under Section 385 (subsection 1) for uttering forged documents (Court docket 2111-998-14-N3834). Gordon was sentenced to 71 days in jail, placed on three years’ probation, ordered to pay $368 in restitution and assessed a fine of $1.30. The $1.30 fine remains outstanding.

The vinyl siding installed by Calvin Gordon/More For Less

New company, new location, new complaints
Canadian Contractor recently learned that when his probation period expired, Calvin Gordon formed a new sole proprietorship under the operating name “More For Less”. He is now working in the Orillia, Ontario area, focusing on trailer home estate parks. Not everyone is happy with Gordon and his new company, however. In fact, one very disgruntled couple has started legal proceedings.

Fergus Hill Estate residents, Dave Beeston and his wife Margaret Gomez, have hired legal counsel and filed an action against Gordon and his company, with damages totaling the $25,000 maximum allowed under Ontario’s Small Claims Court. There is a settlement conference, as prescribed under the Small Claims Court rules, scheduled for November 22, 2018 in Orillia. At that time, Beeston and Gomez will meet with Gordon face-to-face in court.

For his part, Gordon adamantly denies any wrong doing on his part. “It’s all B.S.,” he told Canadian Contractor over the phone recently. “Every person I’ve done work for, I have complete sheets saying everybody’s happy… I can take you to every house in Fergus Hill Estates and every house at Big Cedar Estates that I have worked on, and they will tell you that I’ve done a good job.”

Window installation detail

Claims against Gordon to be detailed in a settlement conference
For those contractors not familiar with actions launched through Small Claims Court, they operate a little differently. A settlement conference precedes any trial. As described in the Ontario Small Claims Court rules, “The purposes of a settlement conference are, (a) to resolve or narrow the issues in the action; (b) to expedite the disposition of the action; (c) to encourage settlement of the action; (d) to assist the parties in effective preparation for trial; and (e) to provide full disclosure between the parties of the relevant facts and evidence.”

The allegations made in Beeston and Gomez’s filing have not yet been proven in court. However, Canadian Contractor has visited the couple’s home and taken dozens of photographs of the work said to have been undertaken by Gordon and his company.  Canadian Contractor has also obtained a copy of the couple’s 51-page, 64-item claim document — the list of deficiencies is long and detailed. Beeston and Gomez are expected to call numerous witnesses to support their numerous allegations, should the case go to trial.

A flexible natural gas line running along the rear wall of the Beeston home was reinstalled using lightweight clips. Also noted was cross-threading of two connections, including to the gas meter itself.

It should be pointed out that Canadian Contractor’s inquiries with Ontario Consumer Protection this past spring confirmed that Gordon was in the clear as far as their records indicated. We were informed that his 2015 court-ordered probation had expired and that full restitution had been made to those victimized in the past. The pending legal action being taken against him notwithstanding, there are no outstanding or current complaints filed with Ontario Consumer Protection against Gordon or “More For Less”.

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5 Comments » for Calvin Gordon is back on the tools and scheduled to return to court
  1. Mark Sliwinski says:

    Hello All,
    My name is Mark Sliwinski. I am the owner of Independent Trades Services. My partner and I are in the process of evaluating and repairing some of the work performed by Mr. Calvin Gordon. We have just completed one home in Big ceder Estates and are now evaluating the home of Mr. Dave Beaston. Pictures of his home are posted in the article above but don’t quite do justice to the poor quality of work performed by Mr. Gordon. Sadly, Mr. Beaston paid Mr. Gordon approximately $20,000.00 for this work that must now be removed and repaired. This must stop. I can only assume that Mr. Gordon has targeted communities such as Big Ceder Estates and Fergus Hill Estates because the general population are seniors who may make easier targets and are more susceptible to intimidation. Myself, my partner and many other contractors that call Orillia our home and provide services to the community find this behavior offensive. My partner and I would like to reach out to all who may have been victimized by Mr Gordon in the hopes we can offer some form of support and evaluated the work done for legal reasons or otherwise. We can be reached through our email…

    Independent trades Services
    Mark and Gaetan

  2. Deborah Kilby says:

    Calvin Gordon is one smooth operator. Convinced my Mom to have her roof done and charged her over $8000.00 plus over $7000.00 for siding for her trailer. Luckily, for her my Brother-In-Law sat for 2 days and had Mr. Gordon remove the siding and put it back on properly(this was only done a little bit better the second time.) Disgusting workmanship. The roof didn’t need to be repaired but unfortunately Mom had already paid him before we were able to see if it needed to be done. My Brother-In-Law ordered Calvin Gordon to get off the property and fixed a lot of the work himself. The screws came through the walls and the porch siding does not anchor on to anything. So no Mr. Gordon, I don’t believe everyone is happy of shoddy workmanship.

  3. Richard says:

    First off I am one of the 11 people who was part of the fraud charges against Calvin Gordon back in 2015 in Niagara Region.Since this article was brought to my attention and after talking to several others from Orillia I was surprised that once again people are being cheated and intimidated by this con artist.I just want to say to those that received less than acceptable workmanship,or were cheated out of their deposit or entire funds for a job never done come forward and report it to the Ontario Government.I know many of you are sitting there intimidated by threats and the worry that others will shame you for allow yourself to be taken by this con artist.But what I suggest is to do as we did here back in 2014 come together as a group and fight back.If you go through the Government it will take a while,you may get some or none of your money back but they will with your help investigate and file charges with Police and will represent you in court.Civil court is good but it does not press criminal charges when warranted.So I say unite as a community,fight back and stand up to people like Calvin Gordon and Leslie Morris.We all here went through it and are here to help you.

  4. Jean Allan says:

    Dear John,
    Well, this is my third time around concerning this issue, and now that we have had personal experience with Calvin, my story has completely changed.
    Initially, I had given a negative report. Then, after doing some research, which I thought was the right thing, I came to a different conclusion — I felt sorry for Calvin and Leslie. They had me so convinced that they had been lied about etc..
    Well, then it was our turn for them to do work for us. He took a $3300 deposit from us to replace two windows as well as some siding for total cost close to $9000. Upon thinking this over, within three days we decided against getting the windows replaced and told him to cancel that part of the deal. He said he couldn’t because the windows had already been ordered and so we could not back out of this. But he said he would make a deal with someone up the road who wanted similar windows and would see if they would take them.
    Well, it went on and on and no work was done at our place, which was to occur within 6 weeks. It ended up being 3 months. We told him to just to put the siding on the side and back of our house for the deposit that was given if he would not refund our deposit. We wanted our money back. He agreed to put siding on the side and back of the house, after tearing out the eaves troughs etc.. I told my husband we had better get him to do this job rather than expect a refund, and my husband agreed.
    One of the park directors in charge, Ian, came over to check that his workmanship was good. But Calvin lit into him like you would not believe, threatening him and telling lies. We were so totally embarrassed. Then Calvin started at us as well. We walked away. On the side, he attached insulation first and then the siding. But on the back he just slapped the siding on over the top of what was there already, ie. no insulation.
    In the morning, Calvin came back to the house, threatening me with a lawyer because he wanted more money. I told him to get lost, that I had enough of his shenanigans, that I was not going to listen to him any longer , and to just get off of our property. So he left with his two cronies. We had several phone calls for two weeks from numbers we did we did not recognize, so we never answered the phone. Finally after two weeks, that stopped.
    A lady just down the street from us stayed in a motel hotel for three nights — she was that terrified he would come to the door because he had so terribly intimidated her with threats as well.
    We called someone else in to correct the eaves trough situation. We never want to see him again. Mine is not the only story.
    Of course, he had never ordered the windows but we felt that after putting pressure on him and not paying attention to his threats that we got our money’s worth, although we were told by others who do this kind of work that we still paid too much. But we just wanted to get rid of him, the sooner the better. We did tell him we would get Sean O’Shea or Pat Foran to scope him out if he didn’t shape up. No response to that of course. He appeared like he couldn’t care less.
    In my life I have never experienced such a manipulative con artist. A lesson we learned is, no more money to any one unless the job is done first. Now we will just have to wait and see how the siding etc. will hold.

  5. Greg & Darlene Brennan says:

    My father lived in Big Cedar Estates, My dad entered into a contract with Calvin Gordon from More for Less to have his home and garage sided, caulked and professionally finished. My father and my husband, who spoke To Calvin in February about his work was to guarantee that the siding would be taken to the ground to ward off possible pipe freezing. This was a solemn promise by Calvin. At this point $2000 was given to Calvin. In April of 2018 an additional $5500 was given to Calvin. Months passed and after several phone calls the work was started in July, 2018. The work that was done by more for less workers was less then professional. We contacted Calvin and advised him that siding was falling off and pieces were broken as well it was never fully caulked and what was caulked looked like a child had done it! We have not been happy with the work that was done and we have been told on multiple occasions it would be corrected to date it has not been done! In addition, windows where to be installed and again a $500 deposit was required and paid in July. Finally in late September we where able to get that money back in the fact that no windows had shown up to date. My father’s passing was sudden and I believe in my heart the stress from dealing with More For Less contributed to his passing!