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Alec Caldwell on Mike Holmes Senior and Junior

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Will Junior inherit his father's crown?

crownWe are seeing a lot more these days of Mike Holmes Junior. Does the younger Holmes have what it takes to, one day, wear his father’s crown as the King of All Contracting Media?

Some might say that, given the size of Holmes Senior’s head, that’s a pretty big crown to fill.

I recently watched an episode of Holmes’ latest show called Mike’s Ultimate Garage. In this particular show, Dad is seen passing on some words of wisdom to his son. (I think the real words of wisdom that they had to edit out were, “Crap on as many contractors as you can, son! Freak the public out! It’s all about building our brand!”) Anyway, I had a glimmer of hope for onsite safety watching this since both men (at the outset) were wearing safety hard hats! Bravo Holmes Senior and Junior! Bravo!

Then, my jaw dropped, as workers came on camera, working at heights at open edges. They were not tied off or protected by temporary guardrails in order to protect them from falls.


This scenario is against construction regulations everywhere in Canada. In Ontario, the Ministry of Labour is BLITZING construction work-sites, including home renovations, looking for fall dangers like the ones shown on the TV show. Maybe they should pay a visit to Mike Holmes filming locations, in future.

TV producers who promote programs like this that disregard worker’s safety should be forced by new laws to comply. Guess that’s the ideal world. Will we ever see that day? Probably not.

Anyway, let us know what you think of Mike Holmes Junior. Does he have his father’s Royal Jelly? Or are you just bored by the whole thing?

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3 Comments » for Alec Caldwell on Mike Holmes Senior and Junior
  1. Bill McCance says:

    Alec. Holmes doesn’t trash competent builders because his show only went to disaster homes to make a show to show as many repairs as possible, its good viewing for tv audiences.
    Sometimes I am not sure they are building it right as we tend to do things differently here or there and different materials are available.

    I wish that the home supply places were not selling to homeowners for DIY projects because those are usually the most poorly built places or renos. Professional contractors on the other hand should be showing that proper plans, proper technical members and good products are used by good builders, and good builders only hire licensed electricians and plumbers who can and do pass inspections.

    Years ago I approached the CHBA to make a TV show showing renos and new builds done properly by tradesmen and not let any homeowners do their own thing.

    This is where the hidden junction boxes and non replaced rot gets covered up because its a cheap way to do it. But then the house gets turned over to someone not knowing the previous reno was botched. Its bad for everyone.

    Lets us pros do good work

  2. Thanks Bill for your feed back and I like what you say. I believe Holmes could do better with asking why the homeowner involved chose the contractor they hired. Did the go with the lowest price and if so, did they not inquire what corners are being cut to get the price of this job down, compared to the higher quoted price from maybe another contractor.

    Unfortunately renovations with many homeowners revolves around getting the best, lowest deal price. Many asking to pay cash, meaning no HST tax.

    As you say, we cannot stop people botching up their homes with bad renovations, including re wiring themselves. Common sense goes out the window and these unskilled homeowner cause future issues for themselves and others. Unfortunately there is no law yet against stupidity.

    Many TV shows need drama to sell them and Holmes and Co will continue to be that draw.

    The industry needs more people like you out there.
    Thanks again. Cheers

  3. Alison Campbell says:

    For anyone who cuts people like Mike down, “Please Sit Down and Shut Up”. There are more people who don’t do things correctly in the industry than do, especially in Florida (one of the biggest places to get ripped off.) Personally, I research everything having to do with a repair or install because you almost always have to be your own advocate. I rehired a tiling company because the job was done correctly by one of their installers. Unfortunately the next time I used them the tile guy they had do my work spot bonded my 12 x 36″ vertical tiles and cut major corners. The company is not taking responsibility for this unapproved, incorrect method and claims it’s perfect in-spite of the organizations ANSI, NTCA, trade schools, forensic specialist, etc. Now I have to sue them. The point! you need to learn and watch. You need to assume that you can’t trust anyone. I just bought a property to build a home and I am terrified hiring anyone. I personally will almost be a contractor before I hire anyone.

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