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Can you guess the top 5 renovation projects (in terms of returned value upon resale)?

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A simple entry door replacement on an American home will return almost every penny it cost the homeowner, upon resale. Can you guess some of the other top 5 projects, as surveyed by Remodeling magazine?

This from Remodeling magazine, south of the border.  We don’t have Canadian data for this, but doubt it differs greatly from these numbers (except for the inherent difficulties in our climate on adding bedrooms into attics, #3).

According to Remodeling‘s “Cost versus Value” 2014 Report the highest return on investment a homeowner can make, in terms of percentages, is an entry door replacement. According to an extensive national survey by Remodeling, this project, averaging a $1,162 price tag, will return almost 97 per cent to a homeowner upon resale.

Here are the Top Five, but we recommend you click on Remodeling‘s link above.

1. Entry Door Replacement ($1,162 average price tag, 96.6% value returned.)


2. Deck Addition, Wood    ($9,539, 87.4%)

3. Attic Bedroom ($49,439, 84.3%)  NOTE: This is American data. Not so easy to do in the Great White North.

4. Garage Door Replacement ($1,534, 83.7%)

5. Minor Kitchen Renovation ($18,856, 82.7%)








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