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Canada plans to ban asbestos products. What do you think?

Canadian Contractor

We’re looking for your feedback on this proposed legislation

You may have heard that one of the recent hot topics in Canada is the proposed plan to regulate against asbestos and asbestos-related products. The plan to ban asbestos in Canada came in from Prime Minister  Justin Trudeau while running for office in 2016.

Many worried citizens, business owners and legal personas are expressing their concern over the proposed ban because of reasons such as:

1) potential elimination of many industries and businesses, using “white asbestos” products;

2) unclear economic reasons, related with health issues;


3) inability to differentiate between the different harmful and non-harmful types of asbestos

4) numerous omissions and exceptions, regarding mining activities.

The full story, presenting the various criticisms and concerns over the ban, can be read on the following page:


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