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Canadian Contractor Salary Survey: One in four contractors up 15% in gross sales

23% of the almost 400 contractors who filled out our online Salary Survey, said that their business was up more 15% or more last year

April 15, 2015
By Steve Payne

Let the good times roll?

For many of you, yes.

Almost one-in-four (23%) contractors told us, in our recent Canadian Contractor Salary Survey, that their sales were up 15% or more last year.

Almost two-thirds of you (64%) reported gross sales increases last year. That number is up from the 56% of contractors who reported gross sales increase in 2013.


Here is the complete chart.  This is based on the 377 contractors who sent us their numbers in December 2014 and January 2015.

% Increase in Gross Sales Last Year



To read the entire Salary Survey, go down to DIGITAL EDITION at the bottom of our website, click on ARCHIVED ISSUES, and click on March/April 2015.