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Steve Payne   

CBC Vancouver uses hidden camera to expose permit-shy contractors

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Two out of three contractors filmed would do work without a permit.

Who needs Mike Holmes to help convince the public that hordes of corrupt contractors are out there these days, fleecing homeowners and putting their very safety in jeopardy with shoddy, unlicensed and under-the-table work that violates code?

In Vancouver, CBC News and Business in Vancouver is doing its bit to warn Canadians of unprofessional standards in the renovation business. A new series called ‘Renovation Reality’ featured a CBC producer that set up hidden cameras in her home, inviting three contractors to submit estimates for expanding a landing on the back of her house. Two of the contractors said they’d do it without getting a permit, if she’d like. The third contractor said he wouldn’t do that, because he didn’t want to “play with people’s lives.”

So, there you have it, two-thirds of us in this industry are corrupt. Thanks, CBC. To view the full story, visit



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