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Celebrating International Women’s Day – in construction

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Less than 5 per cent of Canada's skilled trades workers are women

March 8 marked International Women’s Day, and no industry should looking at this as an opportunity to grow and prosper more than the construction industry. Increasing numbers of women are joining the trades and making their way onto building sites across Canada. However, the percentages remain low.

Have a look at some of the coverage Canadian Contractor has given to the issue of Women in Construction over the past year or so…

Bringing on the women
With a projected shortage of skilled construction workers looming in our industry’s future, why are women left on the sidelines?

An effort to lead more women into construction
Women still represent only 4 to 5 per cent of Canada’s skilled trades workforce. BuildForce Canada and Women Building Futures are teaming up to try to increase that number

Construction companies step up efforts to recruit more women to skilled trades
At 38, having worked in an office as a secretary for 10 years, Diane Logan went out to work on a frigid Alberta job site as an electrical apprentice. And she’s never looked back.

Gender bias on the work site is out of touch with reality
If you believe woman don’t belong on job sites, you’re showing your age.

My name isn’t ‘sweetheart”
The editor of a leading U.S. construction newsletter strikes back at targeted sexual harassment


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