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Contractor Nation: come meet us and speak your mind

Here's your chance to share those fantastic opinions in person

February 20, 2020
By Rob Blackstien

We know from reading all the great comments on our site that Canadian Contractor readers not only have fantastic opinions, but they also love to share them. We fully encourage such responses and would love to hear even more… perhaps even in person!

That’s right. Canadian Contractor is inviting our GTA-based readers to join us for a sort of industry town hall, if you will, on the morning of Thursday, March 19.

Come to our North York-based office, participate in a roundtable and share your opinions — you’ll be featured in our magazine and receive valuable tool company swag as a reward for your participation.

Interested? Shoot an email to Steve Payne with the subject “Roundtable” and he’ll send you all the necessary details.


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