Canadian Contractor

Rob Blackstien   

Contractor plays the hero in New Zealand

Canadian Contractor

Overcooked sausages had filled the home with smoke

Quick thinking by a contractor in Gisborne, New Zealand may have saved a house from burning down.

The contractor heard a fire alarm go off at a home near the house he was working on. He went to investigate and discovered found a pot of saveloys (a type of sausage) overcooking on the stove. It seems the homeowners had forgotten about the food cooking and had left the home.

While the kitchen and living room were already filled with smoke, the contractor was able to grab the pot and bring it outside to avert possible disaster.

Let’s hope those homeowners thanked that contractor with a nice home-cooked meal. And hopefully they didn’t overcook it this time.


Contractor Nation, have you ever had to put out a literal or figurative fire like this?


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