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Contractor says Ontario College of Trades the last straw: "Guess I'll… get out of business."

"I'm fed up," contractor says.

November 27, 2012
By Steve Payne

The following post, from contractor Greg Paterson, is a gem. He points out that the Ontario College of Trades is the SIXTH “regulatory” hand in his pocket as he tries to run his business.


The government wants to know WHY the underground economy is alive ?
I currently pay, to run my one house-service business, the following fees:

– Refrigeration & A /C license
– Gas fitter 1 license
– TSSA ( which by the way send no info except to explain a fee increase or
audit )
– liability insurance ( based on gross sales – what a joke! )
– now Ontario College of Trades fee
– also WSIB effective Jan 2013 ( holy cow this could turn into an annuity for
those of us in our later years w/ pain from working in the trade )
I’m fed up ! Guess I”ll back off, get out of Bus and live simple, that should rely
stimulate the economy and educate our youth ………. I’ve had it !!!


– Posted by Greg Paterson

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2 Comments » for Contractor says Ontario College of Trades the last straw: "Guess I'll… get out of business."
  1. Ray Marsden says:


    What a sad state of affairs and a waste of money.
    Any professional who has served their time/apprenticeship to become a certified and qualified skilled tradesman should never ever have to pay again to retain his or her position. This is nothing short of theft. I hold an automotive technician license and the same thing goes by having to renew it every three years. Its just expensive office staff that operates out of luxurious climate controlled office buildings (most have never lifted a wrench or screwdriver) yet they know how to screw us. It is very depressing and shameful that we are antagonized into having these hateful thoughts against people we have never met other than the nasty mail they send to us. Imagine if we don’t pay them we are not fit to be in the trade and we are just bad people. Why don’t they go out and get a real job, of coarse they would have to serve an apprenticeship and skin a few knuckles. They are just predators. Good for you guys and give them the boot.


  2. jamie says:

    The college of trades is just one more on top of the money grabs that we are subject to. As a mechanic not a business owner but If i did as poor of a job as this college does i would be kicked to the curb in a hurry. More money grab, and when you have to deal with them it’s 5-10 times longer of a wait they they say it will be and then it should be. I have been fighting with them for 5 months for something that should have taken 1 month tops, they’ve taken the money they said i had to pay to process my request, and every time i call they tell me they can’t help i have to contact another “special” department for information, but wait they don’t have the phone number for this person just an e-mail. So you email them 12 times over 2 months and not a single reply yet. I pay my taxes, i spend a ton on tools for work and tax on all of that too, now more money for this farce of an organization to jerk me around and do nothing that has benefited me at all.

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