Canadian Contractor

Contractors fired after racist comments

"Drunk and loud" men were put on no-fly list

December 16, 2019
By Rob Blackstien

A December 9 flight from Labrador to St. John’s got ugly when two contractors allegedly made racist comments at a fellow passenger.

The employees of Kankote Enterprises have since been fired, while the company has been evicted from the Churchill Falls-based Nalcor Energy job site.

Clearly, firing the two men wasn’t enough to save the project for Kankote, as EnerCon, the GC for Nalcor at this project, wanted to ensure it made a strong impact with its action, stating “we’re just not affiliating ourselves with subcontractors who employ persons who demonstrate this kind of behaviour.”

The fallout and reactions from this episode were impressively fast.


Read more about this instance here.

This brings up some questions: does your company have a policy regarding such behaviour? If so, what exactly is it? How far would an employee have to go be offside of this policy and be terminated? Have you ever had to enforce it? If so, for what?