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Ontario Contractors: Are you registered with the Green Ontario rebate program?

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There are up to $600-million of rebates and subsidies for things like insulation, new windows and heat pumps. It's worth a look.

Contractors, trust us, we know.

With all the paperwork and hassles of being “compliant” with government, you don’t need any more “registrations.”

But in Ontario — land of sky-high WSIB premiums and the entirely useless (it’s worse than that) Ontario College of Trades — you MIGHT want to consider registering with the Green Ontario Fund as a certified contractor.

(When they made their big announcement on this ten days ago, the province’s Environment Ministry did a pretty bad job of publicizing this new program. We didn’t even get a press release until we heard about it from someone after the fact.)


But it’s worth a look. If only that.

Why should you, as a contractor, sign up?

Because Ontario is plowing $600-million over 4 years into this fund to combat carbon emissions.

Because a lot of that money will go into…

  • Insulation rebates (up to $7,200 per homeowner)
  • Window replacement rebates  (up to $5,000 per homeowner)
  • Heat (air and ground) installation rebates (up to $20,000 per homeowner).

That’s SERIOUS money to customers of renovation contractors.

But you have to be a registered contractor to participate. And homeowners will HAVE to use a registered contractor to access this money.

While the contractor has to submit the application and make sure it is done correctly, the contractor doesn’t have a lot of hoops to jump through after that. The homeowner will pay YOU the full amount of the job when completed. The rebate will be sent to the homeowner 6-8 weeks after the completion of the job.


Here’s the link. You will need to provide “confirmation of your business licenses, insurance and professional certifications.” You will need to take an online “orientation session” that will take about a half hour. And you may need to take some more online training on some of the subsidized specialty areas of the program.

Once you are approved, your name will appear on a searchable database of Ontario contractors approved to participate in the program.

And it LOOKS like they aren’t requiring you to be a member of the Ontario College of Trades! That’s at least one sign that there might some real value in this program.

Is there?

Let us know what you think of this program – and your experiences with it…



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2 Comments » for Ontario Contractors: Are you registered with the Green Ontario rebate program?
  1. Mark Mitchell says:

    Actually Steve, I looked into the rebates I could offer for certain heat pumps. They lost me when asking for my Ocot card for refrigeration. I don’t recognize these people as my overlords, so I threw the application out. It seems the Ieso is brainwashed into believing that coot is in charge of certifying refrigeration mechanics

  2. Joe says:

    Ontario unfortunately became the play ground for bullies, none profit agencies turn themselves into government enforced mafia money collectors. Many politicians in governments need to put into accountable stands , for apparent violation of the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms. These politicians turn trades people into free domed people, with no rights whatsoever, sss, self servitude slaves.

    Next time you go to vote this year 2018, you better vote for a garbage bag then vote for the a b or c, they are apparently the same. All of the parties should be eradicate, out of there existence. Should young and never been in politics be there without any garbage weagon on there backs.

    Eight years should be maxim limit, in politics, either win elections or be in the opposition. Also more independent people should run, the party thing isn’t working; because politicians tend to be more interested in the party and special interests, then serve the public, those voted for them.

    Its a shame what we have as a political arena. Its a false political, its a propaganda, isn’t real public services.

    In part is our problem because we the people allow this mess to take place, a wake up is a must this year of elections 2018, we all should demand for our dignity, the right to leave and work free of mob rules.

    Happy new year 2018 for all.

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