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Contractors wanted for new TV show about inherited properties

The TV show will present the real-life cases of families inheriting homes that they need to renovate

November 5, 2015
By Steve Payne
Steve Payne

A TV production company, Anaid Productions, has contacted Canadian Contractor with a “Casting Call” for a new TV show.

They are hoping we can find them some contractors for their planned show about property inheritance.

As we all know, tens of billions of dollars of real estate will be handed down in the next couple of decades. There will be a ton of renovation work on these types of properties.

On the new TV show, properties like this will be presented – from real Ontario families. Should the family do a “restoration to live” or a “renovation to sell/rent”?


The expert team will be comprised of a engaging designer to help clients through the entire process, a realtor to help clarify the market value, and a contractor to suggest affordable renovations.

“If you are a passionate contractor with a big personality, or a family who is dealing with an inherited home, please email,” says Anaid Productions’ Jessica Wells.

Anaid is a well-established company. They produce, among their roster of shows, “The Liquidator,” which has been on OLN (formerly Outdoor Life Network) since 2012.