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CSA to take control of home inspectors?

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The Canadian Standards Association is in talks with the National Home Inspector Certification Council about having the CSA train, test and certify home inspectors in Canada

A home inspector with a CSA sticker? It may happen soon.

Contractors and consumers are very familiar with the CSA label, which most of us see on items like windows, appliances and machines.

Now, an offshoot of that regulatory trademark, the Canadian Standards Association Group, has started talks with the National Home Inspector Certification Council. They are looking at the possibility that the CSA may help train, examine and accredit home inspectors throughout Canada.

There are an estimated 3,000 home inspectors across Canada, but no single set of standards for getting the designation. In fact, you can become a home inspector simply by taking a course available on the internet.


The goal of a government-approved national designation for home inspectors may be difficult to achieve since labour is regulated province-by-province in Canada, not at a federal level.




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3 Comments » for CSA to take control of home inspectors?
  1. John Doyle says:

    This needs to happen in Canada and SOON!

  2. Raymond Gallant says:

    Before I Took the Home Inspection Course from the USA .I checked it out and found it the best course at the time [1994] I had been in construction for.over 30 years.I had 2 year in property assessment .Course given ,correspondent at Del U in Halifax N.S. Our problem here in Canada ,there is so many People that buy a hammer and their carpenters.There should be a license .Like in the USA. PS. If you ever have any legal problem don’t go to small claim court brcause it will cost you more money and you will never see it again.

  3. Although it is true that you can take a course over the internet and become a “home inspector” I think recent action by CAHPI in British Columbia is making real headway in resolving the lack of regulation in the industry. CAHPI now accredited certain schools and programs in the province, so that when hiring a home inspector you will be able to look at their qualifications and see if they are credible.

    I believe the same is currently starting to happen in Alberta also.

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