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Dartmouth, NS, deck collapse: Everyone and his brother getting sued

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16 people were enjoying a gathering on a deck off the back of a house in Dartmouth, N.S. It collapsed to the ground, causing multiple traumatic injuries and, reportedly, the eyesight of one of the victims.

Given the millions of housing units across the land, and the age of the housing stock in Canada, it’s a surprise that more structural failures don’t occur in residential housing.

What nobody expects is that, when you and 15 of your friends are enjoying an early fall gathering on a second-storey deck at a friend’s house, that you are all going to plunge to a bone-breaking impact with the ground just after midnight.

In Dartmouth, NS, 11 of the 16 people who were on such a disaster deck, last year, have filed suit against the homeowner, the contractor who built the deck, and the Halifax Regional Municipality. Only one of the 16 people on the deck didn’t have to go to hospital. There were many serious injuries.

For example, one of the 11 plaintiffs has, reportedly, lost their sight from the trauma.


Check out the story at the Halifax Chronicle-Herald, here.


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  1. Marten Burghgraef says:

    This will be interesting. How long are we to be liable for the work we did? Looks like it was city approved.

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