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Steve Maxwell: "When did Canada become a dictatorship? A long time ago!"

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"We have a veneer of democracy covering the reality that unelected, invisible bureaucrats make the big decisions that affect day to day lives."

Our tools editor Steve Maxwell, a working contractor who wields his pen as expertly as he builds stone houses with his bare bands, posted this in response to Dean Kadikoff asking on our site,”When did this country start turning into a communist dictatorship?” three weeks ago.

And if you wonder what set Dean off, it was reading about Sean Keane being assessed $340,000 in back-premiums for his “employees” by the WSIB. Sean fought the WSIB, and won. They admitted (well, in their own words) they had tried to gouge Sean… And that has upset hundreds of our readers to the point of wondering what is happening to this great country of ours when it comes to out-of-control bureaucrats at places like WSIB.

Here’s what Steve wrote:

“Dean asks when did Canada become a dictatorship, and the answer is “a long time ago.” It’s sad to say, but Canada has not been a functional democracy for many decades now. We have a veneer of democracy covering the reality that unelected, invisible bureaucrats make the big decisions that affect day to day lives. How did this happen? I’m not entirely sure, but I do know that a big part of the blame goes to many of us ordinary Canadians who have failed to ensure that rule by real democracy was preserved. We take our liberty far too lightly, and that’s why it has been stolen. The theft of liberty is being attempted in the US too, but at least a critical mass of ordinary Americans have the balls to fight against it. We Canadians are far too nice for our own good. Do we really have to go down in history as the world’s biggest national pushovers? I hope not.”



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2 Comments » for Steve Maxwell: "When did Canada become a dictatorship? A long time ago!"
  1. Joe says:

    Yes, Steve is right, we are way too nice, we need to change & be more like our neighbors.
    Maybe we should start by arming ourselves & creating some ultra right wing organizations. History shows, that has always worked.
    Nothing says freedom better than going “Postal” at a government building.
    Nah, that won’t work, it just peeves off the people that don’t agree with you.
    But then, who cares about them, it is democracy we are looking for 🙂

    Happy 2014

  2. Sean Keane says:

    You point out something that we as Canadians have done or better yet not done. We sit and fear not simply our government we fear ourselves. I am reminded of a little issue in Durham region back in the late 90′ s to be exact 1998 when the GTA was riddled with strike after strike from drywallers to bricklayers. Settle one strike face another. I basically said and recorded as saying to the builders at the time. You want to screw the unions as builders you should strike. Stop building call their bluff. You don’t build they don’t have work anyway. The answer from association members was how can we trust our competitors will we all shut down, who is to say our competitors won’t jump ship and take advantage of the shut down.
    This was and is the mentality we deal with every day. Another example is the WSIB that I have become well known for fighting against. Many local builders were audited after I was, knowing full well I had proven the WSIB wrong, they paid anyway, the same builders that told you your price was to high, paid the extortion money to WSIB because they feared the retaliation because if they argued they would lose more.
    I would suggest a way to hit them all. Shut toronto down. It has been done before, in the early 90s truckers strangled toronto shutting down the 401, later in the 90s a group of drywall workers did the same, both succeeded in their goals. Let’s do the same. Give me 100 of our construction trucks, I will provide the most strategic location. We will shut down the entire core of Canada, and keep the area until bill 119 is repealed. But as you eluded this will not come to fruition we still fear our government.
    That being said www, provides my contact information to those who may be interested. Balls to the wall

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