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We put the Dewalt DCGG571M1 through its paces

You’ll enjoy greasing more now.

I’ve always hated greasing equipment and the main issue relates to those conventional, lever-pump grease guns. I have two which work okay some of the time, but they’re just as likely to leak grease around reluctant fittings as they are to deliver the goo where it needs to go.

Improving my greasing game was what I’d hoped the 20 volt DEWALT DCGG571M1 cordless grease gun would do for me, and it has definitely paid off. I like greasing much better now… I must because my supply of grease cartridges is going down faster than it used to.

Besides getting the job done at least twice as fast, cordless greasing works better because it frees up one hand to hold the grease hose tight to the fitting. You’re free to apply extra pressure to the fitting if needed, angle the hose a bit one way or the other, then inject grease at high pressure by squeezing the variable speed trigger. This tool takes the same 20V batteries as other DEWALT cordless tools and it takes both cartridge and bulk grease. The variable speed trigger makes it easy to add just a bit of grease to a small joint, or you can hold the thing wide open for filling big, hungry bearings and bushings.

Price: $219 for the tool alone; $359 for the tool plus one battery.



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