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DILEMMA SPECIAL: To Taser or not to Taser

Canadian Contractor

Tom has to get Roger focused on the job and thinks zapping him might be the answer

We hope you enjoyed this April Fool’s story for 2019!

Tom runs a small home building company, currently building entry-level homes in a 17-acre development north of Toronto. He has teams working on several homes at once. However, one team is well behind schedule versus the others. Roger, the supervisor of that team, has been with Tom’s company for 20 years, but over the past couple of years seems to have lost his enthusiasm and work ethic. In fact, Tom has learned that Roger has recently bought an RV and regularly takes Friday and Mondays off in the summer to go camping with his wife. Tom needs a quick fix to get Roger working at a better pace, because with other sites in the development to oversee, he hasn’t got a lot of time for one-on-one management. Tom is considering using a Taser on Roger if he doesn’t shape up and fast, but wonders if there are other options. What should Tom do?

  1. Use the Taser. It will send a message to Roger and anyone else who slacks off
  2. Slash the tires on Roger’s RV
  3. Make a deal with the coffee truck on site to slip some uppers into Roger’s coffee
  4. Buy an RV and go camping every Friday through Monday in order to figure out the attraction.
  5. Something else. Please explain in 300 words or less

The best contractor-submitted entry, as judged by our panel, will win a photo of the TASER® X2 Shooting Stun Gun w/ Dual Lasers Black (retail value $997.00). The TASER® X2 holds dual air cartridges that shoot independently, which gives you a second chance to hit a target if you miss.

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Do NOT post your response on our website, please.
Entries close 4pm, Monday April 1, 2019.
The winner will be announced April 2 on our website.


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