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Drone on!

Aerial photography of your finished projects could be the next ‘killer addition’ to your web site

September 2, 2015
By John Bleasby
John Bleasby

You have a website, hopefully with a photo album of top quality photographs of your company’s completed projects. It’s been a great draw for your business and helped you establish an immediate reputation for quality with prospective customers.  Ready to take it to the next level?

It takes training and skill to operate a drone, so hire an experienced photography service for the best results

It takes training and skill to operate a drone, so hire an experienced photography service for the best results

Drone photography, specifically overhead video of your projects, when added to your website could put you over the top, literally, particularly with larger, high-end, and high-profit jobs. It’s not as difficult as you might think.

Breathtaking angles never seen before
Drones were once the exclusive domain of the military and police. However, as drones have dropped dramatically in price, they are now being used by real estate agents, property developers, and large infrastructure contractors. Often it is for workplace management and surveillance of massive projects or hard-to-access locations, but the application that matters most to you and your business is the sales advantage its gives.

Hire or purchase?
Who doesn’t enjoy a birds’-eye view of a home, landscaping project or residential development? Everything looks good from the air! It’s magical! But even at a price of well under $1000, you don’t need to buy your own drone and take the time to learn how to operate it properly. Using the internet, you can contact dozens of photographic services with their own fleet of drones, ready to photograph or video your projects, and edit them into a very impressive presentation.


Every customer loves to imagine their finished project from a 3-D perspective. Showing them your best work with a video taken from the sky, might be the final inspiration that allows them imagine their future home and motivate them to work with you.

View this sample of drone video, and imagine your project presented this way!



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