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DULUX Paints by PPG unveils 2021 paint forecast

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The COVID-19 pandemic is not only having an effect on our lifestyles but also on our living spaces. After spending an unparalleled amount of time indoors, Canadians increasingly will look to fill their homes with natural, serene colours as a way to cling to familiar, soothing comforts.

That’s the message of forecasters at DULUX® Paints by PPG in unveiling the brand’s ‘Be Well’ 2021 Palette of the Year, which is infused with soft, nostalgic neutrals. Think creamy oatmeal, warm latte, earthy turquoise and toasty ginger – organic tones that emit a sense of calm and tranquility.

“Even before the pandemic hit, Canadians were longing for more simplicity and restfulness in their lives after decades of overstimulation and overconsumption,” said Mitsu Dhawan, PPG marketing manager, Dulux Paints by PPG. “The coronavirus strengthened consumers’ cravings for a slowed-down lifestyle, where human connection and mental and physical well-being are priorities. Our 2021 colour palette is like a big hug for the home.”

Drawing on the optimism associated with earthy influences, sustainability and nostalgia, the Be Well collection features three star hues – Transcend (DLX1079-4), a mid-tone sandy brown; Big Cypress (DLX1062-5), a shaded ginger with persimmon undertones; and Misty Aqua (DLX1147-3), a watercolour cerulean blue.


“These restorative colours work well both on their own and in combination with one another, with cool and soft aqua providing an unexpected pairing of freshness against the warm and light natural shades,” Dhawan said. “The palette is made up of such versatile tones that any of them can be used as either the supporting or dominant colour in a room.”

To incorporate this trio of colours into your home, Dulux Paints by PPG offers these tips:

· When using the three colours in combination, follow the 60-30-10 design rule – 60% of a room is your preferred dominant colour, 30% is the secondary colour and 10% is used as an accent.

· If you prefer to stick with one neutral paint colour on your walls, add interest by accessorizing with rugs, throw pillows, paintings or furniture that incorporate the palette’s colours. Most textiles start with a neutral base, so the walls and accents should work well together no matter what patterns you choose.

· Paint an accent wall with Misty Aqua as a perfect backdrop for lighter, earthy tones, infusing the space with a tropical getaway feel.

· Complete your refuge and elevate the palette with accents such as greenery, blonde or natural brown-toned woods, and layers of texture in the form of rattan, linen, velvet and woven textiles like pillows, blankets and rugs.

· To envelop the space in coziness and create an illusion of height, paint the ceiling in a colour that is a shade or two lighter than your walls. Similarly, use a mix of lighter and darker versions of your wall colour on baseboards, trim, windowsills and doors.

“Recent world events have instilled a sense of fear and limitation in many people, and, as a result, our homes have become an even greater sanctuary than in the past,” said Dhawan. “Like comfort foods that offer a certain sense of familiarity and normalcy when facing the unknown, our 2021 Palette of the Year brings mindfulness and well-being front and centre, allowing consumers to infuse their spaces with comfort, support, relief and joy.”


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