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A lucky escape on Luckless Street, Halifax

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The worker who went down with this house of cards three-storey house addition collapse is a lucky man indeed.

CBC Photo building-collapse

Photo by CBC News

On July 20, I saw some very scary images on the CBC News of a house addition collapse in Halifax.

The sole worker on the site at 1122 Luckless Street escaped with minor injuries when the 3-storey wooden addition collapsed around his ears. It could have been so much worse for him.


Fire crews at the scene had some serious challenges in reaching him safely. And when they did, they had to lift him over a main power line to get him to safety.

The whole disaster is currently under investigation by the Nova Scotia Department of Labour. What we do know so far is, the property was recently bought by a developer and it came with a development permit. The foundations and footings had been inspected prior to the collapse.

The developer may face further consequences, especially if it is shown they had not followed safety laws on protecting worker safety.

Remember, whether you are a developer, a constructor, a general contractor or anyone else hiring any workers, you need to be diligent on what safety requirements you need to have in place before you start any projects.

If you have questions or concerns on what diligence is required, simply contact us toll-free at 1 866 366 2930.

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