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Only a few days left to enter our new Contractor Dilemma Contest!

Canadian Contractor

Someone will win a great prize from DeWalt! Why not you?

Our new Contractor Dilemma finds a tradesman caught between two clients. What should he do?

Peter Seidenberg and his son Rolf have a reputation all over town as first-class tilers. Home owners are very lucky if they can book the Seidenberg’s for their bathroom, hallways or kitchen floor work. Their quality comes at a price, but people are prepared to pay. That includes Sergio Fabiano. Fabiano owns a couple of businesses including a 5-person carpet cleaning business, and flips houses. He considers himself a big shot, and has the big mouth to go with it. He openly boasts about his success and how he’s rich enough to own a big house with a 60 foot pool and pool house. Fabiano called up Peter one day and said, “My daughter is getting married in three weeks and the reception is at the house. My wife wants the tiles in the pool house changed. You need to get this done right away. I don’t care about cost.” Peter and his son had done the original tile work, so felt a loyalty to this important client. However, if he goes immediately to Fabiano’s house, it means stopping work on a new custom house for an elderly couple about to move in. What should Peter Seidenberg do?

1.Tell Fabiano to take a hike. He has to wait in line like any other customer.

2.Send son Rolf over to see if there is some way they can get both jobs done by splitting up.


3.Drop the custom house job and look after Fabiano so he doesn’t bad mouth Seidenberg.

4.Something else. (Please explain)

Your suggested solution can be one of the above ideas, a combination, or your own idea entirely. Please explain your reasoning in up to 300 words of text.


Email your answer to John Bleasby ( by August 29.
The winner will be announced August 30 on our website.

The best contractor-submitted entry, as judged by our panel, will win DeWalt’s rugged jobsite sound system, the TSTAK Radio + Charger, featuring a USB charger and AUX port, and a large storage and battery compartment.


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