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Fake contractors from North Dakota

Canadian Contractor

"The Irish Travellers" are wreaking havoc in the midwest

The North Dakota attorney general’s office recently issued a warning about a contractor and collection of individuals that are apparently part of a larger out-of-state crime group.

There’s a cease and desist order that’s been issued against Gorman General Contracting and 11 individuals accused of violating the state’s consumer fraud, transient merchant and contractor laws. Apparently, these fake contractors have used deception to get money from customers.

They have performed work without permission and used intimidation to force victims to pay for substandard work, among other things.

This group is reportedly part of a large crime ring called “The Travellers” or “The Irish Travellers.” Is it just us, or does that sound like something out of The Walking Dead?


Has anyone ever heard of anything similar in Canada?


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  1. Payto McPayto says:

    This is a racist article. As a Traveller we are an ethnic group. Recognized as one. Irish Travellers is a ethnicity not a criminal org.

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