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Fasten-ating, Part 2

ITW contest runners-up

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November 28, 2019 by Rob Blackstien

Jaspers Custom Homes was a runner up.

Earlier this week, we ran the winning entry for the 2019 ITW “Show us your project contest.”

Now, let’s roll through the runners-up, shall we?

We used GRK screws to fasten all the timbers in these pictures. They ranged from different lengths and shank sizes. We had a boxes set aside with all the different sizes, that way we had the right GRK for the application. Whenever you fastened a timber with the GRK you always seemed to be able to suck it tight. We at Jaspers Custom Homes are very impressed with the strength and ease of use of the GRK fasteners.

Shawn Jaspers
Jaspers Custom Homes