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Federal funding to CHBA to support energy efficient home construction and renovations across Canada

Canadian Contractor CHBA

June 1, 2023 –  Minister of Natural Resources and to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change announced $1.3 million in funding to CHBA over five years to accelerate the uptake of innovative technologies for both new housing and the retrofit of existing homes.

The Parliamentary Secretary also highlighted the Canadian Home Builders’ Association’s (CHBA) workshops that strengthen energy-efficient home construction and renovation across Canada.

CHBA has held more than 20 forums and workshops since 2021, based on NRCan’s successful Local Energy Efficiency Partnership (LEEP) workshops, with over 960 participants.

These federally-supported workshops are accelerating the uptake of innovative technologies in the construction or renovation of highly efficient houses, while removing barriers to adopting these technologies and improving supply chains across the sector. These efficiency initiatives also help to drive down costs for residents.


This funding builds on a suite of ongoing initiatives related to greener homes and buildings.


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