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Festool Canada Roadshow dates announced

The Festool Road Show will feature a 48-foot trailer containing some of the highest-performing power tools in the world

August 4, 2016
By canadiancontractor

Festool Canada’s first ever Canadian roadshow, featuring a 48-foot truck packed with the German firm’s exquisitely engineered power tools, is about to kick off its Ontario and Quebec dates.

The purpose of the tour is to give contractors across North America a chance to get their hands on tools that are widely-considered to be superior products and, especially, unique in many of their functions.

Canadian Contractor has been raving about the Festool Track Saw for two years now, and have given away a number of them to our readers as part of contests. But there is so much more to Festool than just this one outstanding product.

Scheduled Dates:


Toronto, Sept. 28.  10 am – 2 pm. Lee Valley Tools, 167 Chrislea Road, Vaughan, ON. 905-264-1208.

Toronto, Sept. 29.   10 am – 2 pm. Richelieu, 6425 Airport Road, Mississauga, ON.  1-800-361-6000.

Ottawa, Oct. 1.   10 am – 2 pm. Lee Valley Tools, 1090 Morrison Drive, Ottawa, ON. 613-596-0350

Montreal, Oct. 4.  Outils Pierre Berger Inc., 2060 rues F.X. Sabourin, St. Hubert, QC. 450-443-4070.

For more information, including more dates and locations, please visit the Festool Roadshow website.


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