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Fill out our quick Salary Survey and you could win an iPad – or a completely renovated website

Your responses are strictly confidential. By filling out the survey, you will get some good insights into your own business. Or you could win one of our great prizes.

January 27, 2015
By Steve Payne
Steve Payne

If you take a few minutes to fill out our (click this link) 7th annual CANADIAN CONTRACTOR SALARY SURVEY, you could win an iPad, courtesy of Canadian Contractor.

Or, you could win one of TWENTY website renovations from our sponsors, Beam Local. If you have a website that’s not up-to-snuff, these guys will completely gut it, rebuild it and help your business sing.

And even if you don’t win one of these prizes in our draw, you will STILL get some good insight into your own business.

NOTE THAT ALL SURVEYS REMAIN STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.  We ask for your identity only to enter you into the draws for the iPad and the website renovations. Other than that single draw, no one looks at your name. INFORMATION IS ONLY PUBLISHED IN AGGREGATE.  Your particular numbers and your identity will never see the light of day. Ever.


Relaxed enough to do this now?  CLICK HERE to fill out the survey.




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