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Five renovation contract clauses we would like to see

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Tell us your "dream clause" that you wish all your customers had to agree to, with every contract

In our upcoming Jan/Feb issue, printing… real soon… we will have an article by John Caulfield discussing Contract Clauses You Might Want to Add (to your standard renovation agreement).

While that article is pretty serious stuff, here are five light-hearted clauses John is recommending to Canadian Contractor readers…


  • Homeowners are limited to two the number of times they can ask when the filled dumpster loitering in their driveways will be hauled away.
  • When discussing the price of the project, customers are prohibited from looking a salesperson directly in the eye.
  • Any homeowner who posts a grievance on social media without attempting to resolve the problem with their contractor gives said contractor the right to post the homeowner’s financial information, including credit history, online.
  • Flu, arthritis, and allergies are considered “bad weather,” and the contractor has no control over delays created by them.
  • Damages caused by roofers who slip on rafters and put their leg through the homeowner’s living room ceiling are considered “Acts of God,” for which the contractor bears no liability.




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