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For me, when people ask, it is straight up No Cash.

Canadian Contractor

Marten Burghgraef tells his customers that he is "straight up No Cash." (As far as under the table cash deals.) "I have never lost a job because of it and have been self-employed for over 12 years now," he says.

Here’s a comment from Marten Burghgraef about why he won’t do under the table deals…

“I know a person that used to be a painting contractor in one of his former lives. What he did to battle the cash only stuff is take two quotes to a client. If they wanted a cash price he would pull that quote out and then the “honest” or tax-included quote which was higher by the total taxes. The “cash” price was what he needed to do the work and he would declare every cent of it but it led to the client believing they were getting a deal by paying “cash.” It also helped with his cash flow as they would pay as soon as the work was done. He also did the same when working for an embassy (that he had as a client) as well as other high profile places. “Yes, sir, that is the embassy price.”  Any one else would pay this amount and the second quote would show up.

“For me, when people ask, it is a straight up No Cash. I will explain that it is illegal and against everything I believe in. Could also lose my licence if I got caught. Can’t do that as I need to feed my family. I have never lost a job because of it and have been self-employed for over 12 years now. A couple of people have pushed a little but I am not willing to back down from this. I know it is a challenge but everyone I have done work for respects that as I am very straightforward and honest about it.

“So who would rather trust on your house, someone that is willing to cheat the government or someone who is honest and straightforward? If I were lose a job because of it that is fine, perhaps I could not trust that person anyway.”



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