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Four married renovators went fishing

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"I had to promise my wife that I would redecorate the living room and hallway next weekend."

Kudos to our friend and Canadian Contractor contributor Mark Hofstee, president of Rammik Construction, Guelph, ON, for sending us this fine gift of a post.

Four married renovators went fishing. After they had been out on the lake for about an hour, the first renovator, said: “You have no idea what I had to do so I could come fishing today. I had to promise my wife that I would redecorate the living room and hallway next weekend.?

“That’s nothing”, said the second renovator, “I had to promise my wife that I’s build a new deck for the pool area.”

“You both have it easy” said the third. “I had to promise my wife that I’d remodel the kitchen—new cabinets and counters—the whole deal!”


They continued fishing until they realized that the fourth man had remained strangely silent. Eventually one of the other three turned to him and asked, “So what did you have to do in order to come fishing today?”

“Nothing,” said the fourth guy. “ I simply set my alarm for 5 am. When it went off I nudged my wife and said, “Fishing or sex? She said, ‘it’s cold out on the lake, wear a sweater’.”


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