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Getting safety training – then working unsafely

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This is the definition of insanity

fallen eworker 2At CARAHS, we do our best to teach people how to stay alive on construction sites.

We train Ontario workers, for example, about the new Working At Heights (WAH) rules.

But will this course save the workers we teach? Will they learn common sense from attending it? Will they work safe afterwards?

One worker who didn’t learn from taking his WAH course (not with us), was found by his workmates, recently, lying on the ground after an 8 foot fall.  He had been working alone. It’s crazy, he was still waiting the arrival of his official Ontario government WAH card. Had he received it, it might have been in his pocket as he fell.


So it’s obviously NOT all about training. It’s all about having the common sense to USE your training. Here’s what I posted last week…

Another residential roofer takes a plunge

Chris Langman posted a reply and said:

 It is the responsibility of the individual to protect themselves against harm. Nobody can safely climb a ladder for you”

I believe Chris brings up a great point with his honest comment. Employers send workers to courses, pay for them to attend, pays the course costs and yet some workers fail to learn about protecting themselves.

Why does it always seem to be the responsibility of employers after accidents? Should workers not finally take some responsibility for their own actions about safety?

That WAH-trained worker who fell is  still under investigation by the Ontario Ministry of Labour inspectors. In the meantime the head of his very concerned supervisor is on the chopping block and he could easily become responsible for this worker’s lack of common sense.

Common sense is not common enough. When we don’t use common sense re: safety rules, it seems unfair that our supervisors and bosses often take the blame. Chris Langman is right on that score..

It all comes down to character and patience. If we gamble running amber traffic lights on our way to work every day, chances are we will take the same calculated risks at work.

We should all show some patience, slow down and stay alive.

CARAHS are approved Ministry of Labour Working at Heights trainers. See our special WAH pricing 

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