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Go without a helmet or a hard hat (for religious reasons) but don't expect me to pay for your health costs

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"Before immigration is allowed would it not be prudent to have candidates presented with a list of Canadian laws?"

Our columnist Alec Caldwell (CARAHS – Canadian Association of Renovators and Home Services) wrote a piece for us last week about turban-wearing construction workers winning – more often than not – legal appeals against being forced to wear hard hats on construction sites.

Alec pointed out that at least one court has ruled that the main risk to the exception to the hard hat regulations accrues to the worker.

Alec argued that this is not the case and, he says, the main risk accrues to the public. Because if this worker who refuses a hard hat for religious reasons (often because they wear a turban) sustains a head injury, under public health care, who is going to pay for that worker’s treatment and subsequent disability? The rest of us, Alec says.

We got a whole bunch of comments on this, including this one, from Lyle Donaldson, Donaldson Electric.


“Before immigration is allowed would it not be prudent to have list of Canadian laws (presented) and if the person immigrating does not wish to accept Canadian culture and laws than (they should be refused) the opportunity to become Canadian citizens. Existing Canadian citizens should be made to sign a waiver that waives the Canadian taxpayer from paying for any hospital costs associated with injuries sustained while not wearing protective headgear. Ride your motor bike without a helmet but don’t expect me to pay for your health costs.”


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3 Comments » for Go without a helmet or a hard hat (for religious reasons) but don't expect me to pay for your health costs
  1. Bob Bartlett says:

    FINALLY, some common sense, but unfortunately it won’t happen with all of our mamby pamby rules and rights we have in this country.

  2. Jacques N. Arbic says:

    I fully agree with the comments and suggestion made by Lyle Donaldson.
    If you are immigrating to Canada you should follow the Laws laid out by the Provinces, and no changes should be allowed due to religious beliefs or whatever. Laws are implemented for everyone, not the chosen few., in most circumstance. Why should the taxpayer pay because of your beliefs; you want to be exempt from the laws. There should be no reason that prohibits the wearing of a hard hat, or any other safety gear, no matter what. Otherwise why do we write laws and have company’s spend large sums of money to implement safety regulations if for some reason or another, some individuals can circumvent the law. I does not make any sense.

  3. Rob Sloan says:

    This one is a “No Brainer”….pun intended! There is absolutely no reason why someone cannot wear both. Some slight alteration may be needed to be true to your faith and safety, but if you are not willing to compromise then please choose another occupation or country to live in……or go work at the C of T where is kind of one sided behaviour is celebrated.

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