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"Good on Jim Caruk for his Renos for Heroes organization"

Canadian Contractor

Popular radio personality contractor Shell Bussey weighs in on the Caruk versus Holmes debate started by Alec Caldwell

Alec Caldwell asked you, as a contractor, would you rather have Christmas dinner with Jim Caruk or Mike Holmes? Here’s a reply to that from Shell Bussey, the well-known home improvement radio personality.

“Hi. First of all I know both of these gentlemen very well and have been on Mike’s Handyman Challenge Show with both him and Jim and enjoyed myself very well. They are two very different guys both very good at what they do on the HGTV NetWork. To be politically correct with the offer of having dinner with one or the other is a very difficult question. They present themselves very differently in their own professions: Mike being very diversified and Jim very talented in the reno and new residential (craftsman) design homes – the latter being where I hang my own hat (check out my web site Through the years of working at home shows with both men I would have to select Jim Caruk. I truly think we have more in common and I would love to talk to him about his organization that does renos for returned crippled veterans ( Good on him.”


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