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Half off to those homeowners who decline access to the Ontario College of Trades enforcement officers

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Robert Sloan is obviously being tongue-in-cheek about this idea, but it's worth remembering that the Ontario College of Trades requires permission from a homeowner to enter their private property

Here’s a tongue-in-cheek idea for a new business model for renovators in Ontario.  Especially now the Ontario College of Trades is “untouchable” under the spanking-new Liberal majority government.

Thanks to our frequent contributor Robert Sloan for his gallows humour…

“Bob’s Renovating Service”: Half off!

“Here’s an idea: “Bob’s Renovating Service”: Half off to those homeowners who decline access the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) enforcement officers. From my perspective, the underground economy in Ontario had really shrunk in size over the past decade or so. This (election result) will likely change that very quickly. It’s full steam ahead on OCOT and Ontario pensions.”


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7 Comments » for Half off to those homeowners who decline access to the Ontario College of Trades enforcement officers
  1. jean-claude says:

    Hi every one .
    I have a solution for the underground work the government should look over were a from France if you get cut doing cash job for $ 1000 you get find $ 2000 + all tax extra your looking at $ 3000 and the best things they your customer find same amount the say is the driver off a robbery
    And if you don’t like your someone and you know is gating cash job Don you just call the tax man and y get a piece of the find
    Tell you one I you get cot you just do it one time that well slow down the underground force
    Thank you for your time

  2. harry veenstra says:

    underground economy is doing very well
    the government has not and can not stop it

  3. Questo says:

    Jean Claude, Slow down your horses, they apparently are going to fast over the cliff. If you read the latest news, you clear could read about the comments of the OPSEU union leader, Smokey, Those voted for the Liberals soon will regretted.

    The feds, shorted the share of the founds to the Province of Ontario. Also soon will come the public sector collective agreements negotiations. That alone will create chaos situation, either wages freeze, reducing of jobs, or both.

    Apparently the Provincial coffers are empty, around 12 billion debt.

    Do you have any ideas how to fix it?

    The underground economy will flourish to a point never seen before. The government will collect less tax, on labour, insurances, WSIB, HST etc.
    Remember, cash deals, serves both the costumer and the workers, also isn’t against the law apparently.

    Further more, a large number of certified people will leave this province, others will not renew any certification status, will work for cash deals.

    I don’t blame them at all, when we have a corrupted government get re- elected, is a recipe for disaster, on the bases of fear mongering, trickery, and disgraceful complain adds display. Its amazing, how much millions of dollars the corrupted unions waste to this last election campaign, should never be allowed in first place. This kind of attitude, jeopardises the free voter, manipulates the out come for their self interests, on the cost of the tax payers and union member dues.

    I have seen this film before, ends always badly.

    You appear to love the college of trades, or self servitude slavery, either your are one of them, if not, you should became one. With your pathetic ideas, our Province is full with it.

    You fail to understand how real democracy works.

    If that is the case, you may have to do a lot of your home work.

  4. jean-claude says:

    Hi questo
    I don’t agree with the college of trades but the ender ground worker most of the time they are not qualify to do the job they are killing honorable trade they can ender cot because they have no over head and if they have call back they are no longer available .
    And for corruption you and me well not change anything is been there for centuries and only the strong one well survive
    Is so many ways to follow the tax law just look in to and you will see hst is good for everyone and he you run a honest business one day it will pay off

  5. Dean Kadikoff says:

    Mentioned above is the freshly proposed “Ontario Pension Plan”. Let’s think about this: Ontario at present is under a serious debt and deficit load. McGwinnty’s liberal government stated that they were going to pursue new channels and avenues of revenue to help tackle this debt and deficit.

    Enter the spanking new “Ontario Pension Plan” where funds collected through this plan can be used, shifted and shuffled around to handle the debt and deficit load and any fancy new spending the liberals have in mind. Genius, pure genius.

  6. niagara tradesman says:

    just like the federal liberals, martin when he was finance minister under cretien, under his direction they raided cpp and UI for several billion to ballance the books so they would look good, both of those monies they should not have been able to touch, but this idiotic and pathetic excuse for governance we have allows the politions to raid any source of money they see fit even something that is suppose to be a pension or insurance held by them

    Liberals are nothing but a bunch of criminals

  7. Norm Cormier says:

    I do quality electrical work because that’s who I am. It is becoming prohibitally expensive to keep doing it, both for me and for my customers. The new and costly systems are taking out everybody like myself.

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