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Have you say on the risks and dangers of cash deals

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TrustedPros wants your input to help educate the public

One of Canada’s largest customer referral services focusing on residential construction and renovation is asking Canadian Contractor readers to help spread the news about the risks and dangers of using cash-only, under-the-table contractors. TrustedPros has thousands of viewers and readers of their web site, their blogs, and social media pages. You can look at this as an opportunity to reinforce to the public the importance using legitimate contractors and renovators, like you!

Are you willing to share your experiences to help educate the public?
We know you know the risks. Here’s a chance to get the message out to the public.
What are your experiences about dealing with sub-contractors who demand cash-only payments?
How do you deal with the situation?
What are the risks for homeowners who believe that dealing in cash is a good idea?
What heart-breaking stories have you heard from clients who worked with a ‘black market’ tradesperson or contractor?

Part of TrustedPros’ public awareness effort
TrustedPros asks your help so they can gain better insight into the matter and subsequently write consumer awareness articles for their readers. Reaching out this way to warn the public about the underground economy is the best way to counter the negativity that develops when the mass media jumps all over stories of contractor scams and dishonest behavior.  TrustedPros promises that your stories will be kept anonymous.

Contact if you have a story or information to share.


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