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How about a special Canadian Contractor Jobs edition for soon-to-be-unemployed Ontario College of Trades employees?

Canadian Contractor

Tim Hudak, Ontario PC leader, has pledged to shut down the Ontario College of Trades, calling it a "job killer" because of its severe restrictions on who can wield their tools in our industry in the province.

Below is a gem from Joe Greps, who we’ve noticed has posted more “Tell It Like It is” posts on our site in the past year – especially regarding the insanity around the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) – than anyone else.  We appreciate your posts, Joe!

In this case, Joe is obviously referring to Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak’s solemn pledge to shut down the Ontario College of Trades if his party were to be elected on June 12th.

Here’s how Joe put it…

“How about a special Canadian Contractor Jobs edition for our soon-to-be-unemployed OCOT workers?


Perhaps McDonalds has some opportunities we could share with them?”

Tell us how you’re going to vote, if you wish to, below. And let us know if the Ontario College of Trades abolition promise by Hudak is a factor in your decision.


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4 Comments » for How about a special Canadian Contractor Jobs edition for soon-to-be-unemployed Ontario College of Trades employees?
  1. Rob Mahoney says:

    I’ve read Joe’s posting 3 times, still trying to figure out how eliminating a tax, put tradesmen out of work.
    If he is referring to scab labour, it hasn’t made any difference, but has cost legal, compliant tradespeople.

  2. Craig Child says:

    This province has been unionized through the bacK room politics of a union labour backed Liberal government . The policies in place are all demands the labour unions have been demanding of the Ontario corporations for years, but were kept reasonable thru market conditions and costs……….until McGuinty and his band of thieves and liars came to power.
    Any corporation looking to build a manufacturing plant in Ontario will turn tail and run after they get past the financial government incentives and see just what bureaucratic overheads have been imposed on a market with no margins .
    This province has gone from an economic engine helping Canada’s growth to a welfare state in ten short years and will stay that way if all the policies stay.
    Any body who removes this nightmare is welcome ……….conservatives for me

  3. Peter Danielis says:

    If Hudak is going to rid us of the college he’s got my vote. Iv’e been in my own construction business for 45 years , I have earned the right not to be called a scab by some goof that has a piece of paper. Ontario is screwed by the idiots we put in power. I feel like quitting due to the restrictions, taxes and laws that are imposed ; but that would make the unscabs happy , so I will keep on until they arrest me for trying to make a living.

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