Canadian Contractor

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I fired the contractor, rehired him, took two weeks off work to help him, and fired him again…

Canadian Contractor

This client has obviously done a lot of things wrong in his dealings with an apparently useless contractor, with the best of intentions. Let us know what you think.

Tell us what you think about this client’s approach – and his solution. He has hired, fired, rehired and – presumably – REfired a contractor in Sudbury, Ontario…  Man oh man, we thought only baseball managers like Billy Martin got hired and fired and hired and fired…  

Thanks to frustrated client Joe MacDonald for sharing. You’re a brave man, Joe. We send our sympathies.

“Add me to the list of disenfranchised. We started a 500 square foot addition in September 2013. Got the runaround starting in November, costs went up, hours of work went lower, foundation failed inspection, membrane fell off block, fired contractor in April after two weeks (that) I took off work to help dig and underpin to save money. I let him convince me that he was going through help issues and could do it right, paid part of the holdback, and he redid work, and it failed again. Now I can’t get anyone to come out and finish, and I’m stuck. I live in Sudbury, Ontario…”




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1 Comment » for I fired the contractor, rehired him, took two weeks off work to help him, and fired him again…
  1. Mark Hofstee, Guelph Ontario says:

    Joe– reluctance to work with a homeowner who has fired another contractor is to be expected. Also keep in mind that unless you start over from scratch, you likely will not get anyone to offer any warranty on the work.

    Have you tried the Canadian Homebuilder’s Association? The Sudbury Homebuilder’s Association is a member of the CHBA and they have members who are renovators. Go to their web site at

    Hope that helps–good luck.

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