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I paid the Ontario College of Trades for my ticket this year and it will be the last time. I am headed to Alberta to write and get a new licence

Canadian Contractor

Robert says he is offended by the Ontario College of Trades violating his privacy by publishing his name and company information on a public website. "Why not only publish the bad apples and go after them?"

This was posted by Robert on Feb. 19.

I paid (the Ontario College of Trades) for my ticket this year and it will be the last time. I am headed to Alberta this summer to write and get a new licence. Yes it will cost me $450 bucks but it won’t be to OCOT. For me it’s not the $120 dollars (annual fee) it’s the damn letter welcoming me to their cash grab and the stamped certificate showing me as a member. (I’ve been) bullied into paying for their project and they’ve take away my right to privacy by publishing my name without my consent. Why not only publish the bad apples and go after them? The OCOT is only going to push more people underground.

I have worked in Alberta for some time and they cater to the trades, because they seem to have an understanding that WE keep it all going.




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6 Comments » for I paid the Ontario College of Trades for my ticket this year and it will be the last time. I am headed to Alberta to write and get a new licence
  1. Richard Gosselin says:

    I am not sure why this trade person is so angry. I have been to 3 OCOT seminars that were presented by HRAI and found this organization to be a positive and refreshing group that are trying to make the system much better. It is my understanding that the names that OCOT publish are for consumers to draw their next service contractor from. The public are now eligible to view certified trades people from this list of licensed technicians. Funds from OCOT are allowing this organization to put more people on the payroll to police our industries and make sure the public are being serviced by certified people. In reality, the underground economy should start to diminish as we move forward with qualified certified trades people

  2. D. Brian Baker says:

    The Governments and some of these groups are out of control. What the vast majority of us want is a fair marketplace and enforcement of what we have. We want those who are not following the rules punished. Instead lets create an even bigger problem and make it harder for the legit guys to make a living. At this point we are better off not have any qualifications and doing the work because the Government cannot do anything. In Manitoba we fine the tradespeople but have no way to fine the illegals. Creating another level of bureaucracy will not solve anything. Every time taxes go up the problems worsen.

  3. Joe Greps says:

    They shouldn’t be charging you to re-write, they HAVE to recognize your certification it is the law.

    Chapter 7 of the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) grants all Canadian workers who have credentials in a province or territory the kind of labour mobility that Red Seal holders have enjoyed since 1958. The Chapter 7 changes therefore mean all workers will have the opportunity to have their qualifications recognized by all provinces and territories – whether they are in the trades, professions or occupations.

  4. To all trades people do not drink the wrath wine says:

    Richard, thanks for been on the OCOT seminar three times, how lovely.

    Have you ask them how much they make an hour? Have you ask them why they leased the highest price building in Toronto? Have you ask them how many boards those on the OCOT board directors, seat at the same time?
    What about the CEO, how many boards does he seats on it?
    Also how much those will police you if you are in a compulsory trades and how much they get paid? Have you read their bylaws? Further more, have you ask them if anyone they proclaim to represent voted for?
    Did you voted for?

    Please let all of us know if you had asked these questions?

    Do you really know the value of a certification if you have one?

    Would you change that for a membership paper, which can’t be used any place only in Ontario? What about if you have only the last stamp on you certification or already finish all nine, and be forced to pay $100 more per year for a useless paper?

    would you like to lose 25, 30, 35 years of your career, or be forced to comply with a unlawful order.

    Let me put that simple for you: suppose you land me $100 and I can only pay you with children monopoly money, would you take It?

    The Liberal government apparently committed fraud using the majority to pass this bill, on 2009, allowed time to cook this fraud really good, with bad taste;
    coercing the laws of the land and the trades people. They should be accountable for it.

    Do you realise the economic mess Ontario is in, done by this Liberal government? To many side agencies were created for their cronies under the guise of safety and consumers protection slogan.

    The dangers of lobbyist and majority governments can destroy economies in the blink of an eye. I have seen this theater before somewhere in this world.

    The OCOT is already in the court on bias, conflicted of interest on the electrical apprenticeship issue. This is just the beginning, reality will kick in soon, apparently.

    Should I tell you the figures money wise on the OCOT? I leave that math for you to research. Those sweet words coming out of their mounts aren’t they so convincing? Wolfs dressing in sheep clothing.

    It seems you came out so eluded on their propaganda you forget the basic laws which cover your rights in this country called Canada.

    Do you know the name of this document? It is called the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    Do you know the highest authority on the land?

    Its called supreme court of justice. No others should called them selves authority.
    ESA/ECRA called themselves electrical authority, how ironic.

    Let me tell you this: certified electricians and others, hold a certification and a small piece of paper from the MTCU, those have the ESA/ECRA have more cards, ( These are Master license and contractors), those work in the factories/ others had shown to their employees their certifications or wouldn’t be hired.

    However under the same Ontario laws homeowners can take a permit trough the ESA and do their home electrical work without any knowledge. Now how ironic this is.

    Its money first and safety later, under the guise of safety and consumers protection a lot of salesman of snake oil will make their markets.

    Compulsory trades, most of 22 already have their trade controlled.
    Wouldn’t need the OCOT bullshit paper, offers nothing and eliminate
    certification, to a membership, can you change your passport if you have one for Costco membership card?

    Please Richard, don’t drink this wrath wine.

    • Trevor says:

      Dear Mr. Wrath Wine,

      I’ve read assignments written by children in grade 3, for whom English is a second language, that were infinitely more understandable than the malarkey above. Offence fully intended. I am by no means an English scholar, but if I wrote as poorly as you did about something I was passionate about, as you seem to be, I would be ashamed. I hope you put forth a considerably better effort in the work you do for your trade!

      Now before you start calling me a lazy union loving teacher, I merely volunteered at a couple schools while I myself was in school. That’s not to say that I feel teachers are lazy. Far from it in fact, though I have no doubt there are some lazy ones, as there are in every profession. You just seem like the type who’d be vehemently against any unionized profession. My apologies if I am incorrectly stereotyping you.

      Anyway, if you want anyone to listen to you (or read, as it were), perhaps you should calm down, and read what you’ve written before posting. That mess gave me a headache, and did nothing to help your “cause”. Your writing is reminiscent of American Tea Partiers yelling about the gubment tryin te take der guns!

      Furthermore, you asked a great many questions, which you gave no indication you yourself know the answers to, but seem rather upset about them. You also presented arguments based on what some group “supposedly” did. Perhaps you could offer a few links to substantiate your rage? Or maybe you’re simply mimicking what you’ve heard from various political attack ads?

      It’s possible some of what you’re saying is even true, but it’s so hard to understand, who could tell? Or perhaps as some of the others have suggested, you don’t understand?

  5. Oleber says:

    Trevor, are you in the carer of trolling or just woke up for the reality of the real world?

    What was described before your comment match the reality of what we are witness in this Province, also you seem to agree with it.

    Have you ever research on these issues above mention? If so let the bloggers know. If you find that, please posted would you?

    All the issues above are publicised at on the net, stop asking for links or for answers, do your home work and you will find the insane ways of life style some are at the cost of others.

    You sound like Mr, knowledgeable, but apparently unable to see the elephant in your leaving room. You sound very novice in life, if that’s the case, please get informed before contesting others.

    I had research in the issues described above, and you may change your mind after see that for your self. Things aren’t the way you may perceive to be.

    Good luck

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