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I think there should be trade licensing (for carpenters) with category endorsements that reflect expertise levels.

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A New Jersey carpenter and renovation contractor sent us this interesting post about graduated licenses for carpentry.

New Jersey carpenter and renovation contractor Paul Lenart has been reading our articles about “should carpenters be licensed” (as the Ontario College of Trades was about to do, then backed off just before the provincial election).

Paul has asked for comments on his “graduated licensing for carpenters” idea, so feel free to give him some, folks.

“First off I have been involved in residential and commercial construction for over 40 years, self employed for 37. I am a journeyman carpenter by trade. I am registered as a renovation contractor by the state of New Jersey. The only thing it does is protect businesses & home owners from uninsured and bad contractors. There are multiple categorizes and levels of expertise involved in carpentry. I have seen excellent framing carpenters that can’t build stairs or hang a door. Also precision cabinet makers that can’t accurately install their own work. I think there should be a trade licensing with category endorsements that reflect expertise levels. This would show the individual]s strengths and weaknesses in certain job areas. If the individual wants to add a category or increase a level of expertise there should be a board of administrators, master carpenters, journeymen, etc. Someone from each category of the carpentry trades to review as a group submitted applications. How to actually test the individual is the question. Most endorsements maybe as easy as receiving grades from a trade school, but for others that have been working in the trade for 20 years actual work inspection is best. This is just a quick idea if someone thinks it’s worth running with let me know!”



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3 Comments » for I think there should be trade licensing (for carpenters) with category endorsements that reflect expertise levels.
  1. Rey Talusan says:

    Yes I totally agree with Paul. I have been a house renovator for over 25 years. My educational is Mechanical Engineering and acquired the skill set from various trades people and employment (Engineering though). I have seen great trades people without papers and seen bad ones ( kicked them out). The only thing to verify them is through their job site. They can show their portfolio and all the bs but no work ethics.

  2. Marten Burghgraef says:

    This sounds like a good idea. I say it would have to be kept simple with perhaps the cost all being the same. If rates were different then everyone would go for the cheapest category. Simple because as soon as the government gets a hold of it, it will get tied up in red tape and rules forever. My thoughts

  3. John R Dawson says:

    There is a major obstacle to this;
    OCOT is backed by the Unions.
    There is no way the unions will allow their membership be graded and/or categorized.

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